Lin Zhang

Thank Lei for helping us find our dream home. Lei is very competent, thoughtful and patient; she always prioritizes the interests of her clients. Through our purchase, she has earned our trust.
A friend of mine recommended Lei to us when we were looking for a home with more space and good schools. She took note of our preferences and started to send us some listings. We visited two houses. Through these two visits, Lei refined our references knowing exactly what we were looking for.
After a couple of months, she sent us a listing with everything we were looking for: large lot, great neighborhood and schools. The complete understanding of our preferences from Lei nicely surprised us. We visited the home and made an offer, but there were three other offers. Lei strategically advised us about our reservation price and about the balance between winning the bid without pushing up too much the price. After several rounds, we won the bid within our budget. Before and after the closing, she has always been present to help us. In the end, we not only have gained a great real estate agent for future purchases, but also a great friend.
To sum up, we strongly recommend Lei to you whenever you sell or buy a home because she seriously cares about your needs, and you can trust her and her team.

Keyuan Zhang

Our family decided to move from Ottawa to Vancouver to enjoy our next phase of life. One of the big concern is how to sale our existing gorgeous house with fair market value. we interviewed a couple a real estate agents and hired Lei without any hesitation. She showed me a couple of success transition cases, her multimedia marketing examples and we discussed the way we will marketing and sale our house. I was impressed by her communicate style, skills and attitude. During this process, She committed and provided a lot of precious help, resource and suggestions on topics such as what areas of the house need to be improved, how to make the house more presentable, provided me with all the resources to achieve all those goals: from painter, landscaper to other handyman services. All those efforts paid off and our house looks like a brand new house again. Through her great effect, our house related marketing information has been appeared in all places it should be: from mls.ca, flyers, youtube video channel, local community channels, social media, you name it, with wonderful photos, videos and house feature highlights.
We already moved to Vancouver before the house was put into market. During this period, she took care and maintained our house well, got us posted on any progress of house showing, feedbacks and so on, on time. We hold video conference call almost every week. Both me and my wife feel big relief with such an excellent agent working closely with us. She also holds an open house event in one week after the house was put into the market. Most important, Lei tried her best to protect our best interest during the house selling negotiation process based on the fair market value of the house. The result was wonderful: We sold our house in two weeks with fair market price and this is a true win-win result for both seller and buyer.
She also goes beyond all those excellent services to provide a lot of other extra our most-needed services such as take care of our moving process, organize the after sell fixing and so on.
In short word, she is one of the best agents I am luck to work with. Strongly recommended to any client if you want a professional, knowledgeable, easy to communicate real estate agent in your most import, maybe once a life and complicated financial transition: sell or buy your house.

Qianan Lu

我们是经朋友介绍认识的。 接触下来,看到她工作非常认真细致,能够充分考虑用户的需求。于是我们就让她做了我们的售房代理。 在售房准备阶段,她事无巨细地帮助我们一起做规划,甚至亲自动手帮我们一起做装修工作。 房子上市的时候,她请来了专业的家居公司来做装饰,动用各种手段来做宣传。因此房子上市几天后就顺利卖出了。 很感谢她认真负责的精神和辛勤的劳动。

Lynn Song

非常感谢郭蕾,在市场逐渐趋于理性的情况下,依然在短时间内以高出要价的价格售出我的房产。初见郭蕾觉得她是个非常专业,干练,细心的房产经纪, 之后在整个卖房的过程中更是感受到了她精准把握市场的能力以及专业,耐心,用心的服务, 每次的沟通都能让你急躁不安的心情安静下来。值得信赖,真心强烈推荐!期待下一次的合作。


All my credits go to Lei Guo for her recent help in house purchasing and renting. She is professional and patient, and she always stands from the perspective of her client when giving advice. I'm happy to recommend her to others and will continue to entrust her to engage in my real estate business in the future.

Qing Mao

We first met Lei at an open house event, her manners, knowledge, and communication skills made us consider her as one of agent candidates for selling our house. After meeting and talking with a couple of agents, we've decided to choose Lei as our real estate agent as she won our trust. As a real estate agent, Lei is knowledgeable, professional, responsible, has excellent communication skills and judgements. Her ability to pay attention to details left a deep impression on us. More importantly, she's provided us with a good estimation of the market value of our property. We are very happy that she sold our house with a fair market value in less than a week. Lei is always ready to provide extra help to her clients. After visiting our property, she provided us with a carpet cleaner for cleaning our 2nd floor carpet. This is one example indicating she cares about her clients and business. We would highly recommend Lei to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent.

Nina Wang

Lei Guo was very knowledgeable and professional. She went above and beyond to keep us informed along the way and explained the process to us so there were no surprises. She is very helpful in making a good choice for what could be the most important choice you may have. We have and will recommend her for anyone that needs a realtor.

Eric Wong

Lei was extremely helpful, professional, and reliable through every stage of the process. She really understood our needs, went above and beyond our requirements. She addressed our request in a timely manner and followed up consistently. Besides that, she has a quite accurate and experienced sense of the current market. She understands the housing market inside-out and can help you make the right decision. If you are seeking experience and wisdom, she will be the one to go!

Peng Wang

We know Lei Guo by the introduction of our family friend as the most-trusted agent she has ever had. Now we know how true that is. She practically ranks top in the aspects of both her professional ability and ethics. Lei Guo provides timely advice according to the changing market, makes tactic moves while negotiating, and checks every detail in the final walk-through. We are impressed and grateful. She will be the one we’d talk to about any plans regarding real estate.

Wei Deng




Rui Wang

We know Lei from an open house she hosted couple years ago. Then we become friends because of her honesty, trustful, kindness and professionalism. We bought a new build single these days, so we want to sell one of our investment properties which is a town home in Kanata. We decided to choose Lei as our agent because we have confidence in her to sell our property with the good price! And during our listing period, the real estate market is down shifting. But despite the overall trend, with her almost perfect staging, over 2000 views of her listing marketing effort, and her professional negotiating skills, she got us with a firm offer and with a price that we cannot resist. It exceeded our expectations for every perspective! And now we are very close friends, and we will continue to do business with Lei!

Youjia Han

We can't speak highly enough of Lei as our real estate agent. Her professionalism, knowledge, integrity, and hard work ethics are very much appreciated. She kept me up to date with the progression of sales. If you want your home sold for top dollar, call Lei. She will get the job done!

Pradnya Deshmukh

Lei is a very hardworking, honest broker and a wonderful person. She has a very good knowledge about the market, areas in Ottawa and house structure. She was able to tell us pros and cons of all the houses that we saw. The best thing about her is she is ready to help you even after the purchase is done. Highly recommend her.

Shen Suki


Zhou M

We worked with Lei for the second time, and we are happy with the service. 2021 is crazy seller's market, but we can get our dream house at a reasonable price thanks to Lei. She is knowledgeable and gives good suggestions from our perspective. We really appreciate the professional work!

Anne Li


Jinglin Liu

Lei has helped me purchase a few rental properties and find tenants in the past few years. My experience working with her is pleasant. First, she has superb knowledge and in-depth understanding in the real estate market. Her judgement on the trend of this industry has been proven correct in the past few years. She is also a chartered accountant and can give you advice from the financial point of view for your purchase. With regarding to a specific property that we were interested in; she did her homework and knew the property and surrounding area very well. She gave us a thorough analysis on the pros and pons of the property, and whether it was good for rental etc. She also helped me buy a new house, giving us very helpful advice during the different stage of the new house purchase, from the lot and model selection to different feature upgrade, which made the long and boring process much easier. Secondly, she has excellent communication skills. She is very responsive whenever you send her an email or text message. She doesn’t push you at all during the process. She always asks you for your opinion before making any recommendation. Recently the market is so hot, and pressure was high when we tried to win a bid. She had her own strategy and dealt it with patience and composure, which was proven to be correct and working. I am very happy with the prices at which we bought my properties. Lastly her service doesn’t end when you close a purchase/sell. She sends you monthly communication with a nicely designed magazine in both digital and paper form. It contains a lot of tips on house maintenance, gardening, renovation etc. She also sends the market statistics and trend analysis regularly so that we can use it as a reference for investment. From time to time, she organizes some customer appreciation activities, like summer picnic, lucky draw, etc. She also helped me find tenants for the rental properties after closing. She evaluated the potential tenants from the landlord’s perspective and tried hard to find a good tenant. She doesn’t do much external advertisement, but she does care a lot about her reputation and is always trying her best to do better. All in all, Lei is an outstanding realtor. I recommend her to anyone I know who needs to buy or sell a property. Her excellent knowledge and top-notch service can make this process much easy and pleasant.

Dongyang Li

Lei is super professional, trustable, friendly, and responsive. She has been helping us twice so far, and if there is another chance in the future, she is my go-to I swear. She has so much experience and can always get you the best.


Having known Lei for years, from my first home purchase to rental properties purchase. She always puts herself in my position and provides helpful recommendation. Very professional and responsible. I know I can always count on her when it comes to general suggestion as well as details. Extremely trustful and reliable.

Zoo Yi

It is a very good agency. Professional and good responsibility as well. Feels so relaxed and comfortable to do the business with her.

Zhao Liu


Fangyuan Zhang


Helen Chu

A master with the contract negotiations. She is knowledgeable of the market.

Yufeng Zhang

Lei is professional and patient. She has always looked out for my best interest.

Jing Ma

I sold my property in 3 days for over asking price, thanks to Lei’s dedicated service and professional advice. She guided me through home preparation, staging, to negotiation. Selling a home is never so easy.

Hui Miao

I found Lei highly attentive. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly approachable with an engaging personality.

Xiaoqiang Zhi

She is very honest and pointed out pros and cons of homes that we viewed, and helped me making knowledgeable decision.

David Wang

Lei has helped us sell our house at a price higher that what we expected. She is very professional, passionate, and dedicated to her job. She is always there to listen to our needs and expectations. From the initial stage of planning to final sold, she has offered very insightful suggestions but never imposed her ideas on us. She provided us with the contacts and information we need to get the house thoroughly cleaned and fully prepared for sale. The staging of our house was exceptional; she has helped to turn our house into a piece of art! She has also invited a photographer who has taken stunning photos. She used her experience and judgement to help us select offers, and effectively communicated with the buyer agent. We are very happy with our experience of working with her. Highly recommend.

Scott Jia

My ongoing experience with Lei is fantastic. She always puts client’s interests first; her pervasive industrial knowledge and local intelligence enable her to provide the best advice and action plan for her clients. She deals with all aspects of a transaction, and follows up consistently, truly goes beyond the call. Lei is also passionate, comprehensive and fun to work with.

Annie Yang

Lei is very friendly, polite, punctual, well organized and responsive to all our questions and requests. She took notes of our comments and worked diligently on every step in helping us buying the house. She made sure to follow up on our questions and requests and provided useful advice. Lei is a trustworthy agent. She also provides nice after-sale services.

Vincent Law

Lei is easy to get along with, knowledgeable, and a very hard working agent that we’ve been lucky to get to know. Her response time is excellent, she’s patient and ethical.
She’s not pushy towards her clients, and yet her negotiation skills on your behalf will make you glad to have her on your side.

Qian Shen

Fabulous property agent. She's professional, patient, and easy going. During the months of her service, she always provided any information she has, never let us feel rush, and stand on her client's interest. Even at the time we almost sign the final agreement, she disclosed the information she just got which might be a concern and work on that with us. I highly recommend Lei Guo to my friends who want sell or buy a home.

Kaican Zhang

I found my favorite house through her help. Sincerely for customer service, do her best to meet customer requirements. She is able to think what customers think.She is a very good agent. If you have the intention to buy a house please choose her, her efforts will make you satisfied.

Senlin Zhang

Very experienced realtor and always willing to help home buyers. 100% positive experience doing business with her.

Yang Zhou

Lei is really a nice person. I'm very impressed with her professionalism and patience. Every time she takes us to see a house listing, there’s always something we would miss and she’s able to remind us, which makes us understand the strength and weakness of the house more and not make bad decisions. In addition, she always fights for her clients to get more suitable conditions, even if we don’t know the importance of those. To make it short, she’s a trustworthy realtor and hope we’re able to do more businesses with her in the future.

Chen Chris

Lei is very kind and professional broker, she did great job, that's really perfect experience with she's professional service.

Lisa Wang

Guo lei is very professional and patient. My husband and I just came to Canada. We are very unfamiliar with the market and the environment. Guo Lei gave us much useful information and valuable help. With her help, we bought a beautiful and reasonable price house. We are very grateful to her and We are very lucky to choose her as our agent.

Lilian Du

Lei is an awesome agent who helped me a lot. She is very details and her service is best for clients.

ShanShan Shi

Lei was our realtor when we moved to Ottawa last year. She helped us purchase our home in Ottawa. Professionally, she is knowledgable and efficient. Personally, she is open-minded and helpful. She showed us around 20 houses within 2 days, and she was able to tailor the recommendations to our needs. With that, we were able to locate our dream home in just 2 days, no time wasted at all! Our house is a suburban property, with own sewage system and wells. It's kind of overwhelming to us, and Lei helped with all the communications with the realtor of the seller and the seller, which helped us ease into the learning process. The whole purchasing and move-in experience was extremely smooth and effortless. We were so grateful to have her as our realtor and would definitely recommend her to our friends!

Frances Yeung

Lei was professional, approachable, and responsive. Her guidance through the selling process was invaluable. She went above and beyond for us. I would highly recommend working with Lei.

Hannah Xu

Lei is very good! She is experienced, patient and very easygoing. She explains things in detail and is able to provide valuable information on time. We are very happy with the house hunting experience, 100% recommendation!

Jimmy Hu

Lei is very kind and professional real estate sales, She care about her customers' questions and concerns, and always follow up actions closely. We really appreciate her work and highly recommend her!!!

Jolin Wang

It was a really great experience with Lei’s service for realty. She’s professional, thoughtful, respectful and very committed to the work.

Rakesh Kumar

One of the best representatives with good knowledge of market and she can find best property to buy/rent suitable for your need at affordable price. She is also very kind and friendly.

Sherice Zhou

Lei is really a nice person. I am very impressed with her professionalism and patience. Every time she takes us to see a house listing, there’s always something we would miss and she’s able to remind us, which makes us understand the strength and weakness of the house more and not make bad decisions. In addition, she always fights for her clients to get more suitable conditions, even if we do not know the importance of those. To make it short, she is a trustworthy realtor and hope we can do more businesses with her in the future.

Tony Yang

She is very professional, patient, and warm-hearted. She is there whenever you need help or have questions.